Facebook has categorized that plans for the future into three sections. Their goals for the next three years, the next 5 years and then the next 10 years. In the next three years, Facebook plans on improving the quality of ads that Facebook displays. They would like the ads to be more relevant to the user. Facebook also plans to focus on their new platform called Atlas. Facebook has three different priorities over the next 5 years. The first priority is to concentrate more of their time and resources towards Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. The second priority is to make Facebook a cross-platform platform that enables developers to work on their apps on every leading mobile platform. The third and final priority of Facebook in the next 5 years is to work on their version of App Links, a deep-linking technology for mobile apps. Facebooks plans for the next 10 years are to continue bringing people together, to adapt to the changes in the tech-industry with AI on the way, and finally to innovate and create new platforms in computing. They have plans on introducing their brand new app Internet.org around the world. Facebook also plans to continue on investing in their virtual reality system called Oculus. Facebook has been growing at an extremely high rate and they have no plans on slowing down. With the new products that Facebook plans on introducing and a market ready to consume them, Facebook upcoming and long term future looks very bright.